BSC Rider Profiles: Cyclocross Edition: Rachel Carey

Cyclocross season is in full swing, so we’re going to keep rolling with the Cyclocross Edition of our Rider Profiles! We’ve talked to Aidan, Andy, Felix, Parker, and the always hilarious Matt Mahoney. This week we’re catching up with BSC’s resident doggo expert:

Rachel Carey

You’ve probably seen Rachel around Broad Street Cycles a little less this fall, as she’s started a new program at Camosun learning how to take over the world. Between classes, Rachel’s been tearing it up every weekend at Cross on the Rock in what has been a huge Intermediate Women’s field this year. Rachel’s currently riding her SSCXWC15Vic edition Raleigh bike that she acquired at or after SSCXWC15Vic in Victoria sometime around 2015. She is currently riding it singlespeed, because that’s what the bike wants. And possibly because SSCX will still work, sort of, when Rachel doesn’t clean it between races and the chain starts to look rusty. All that time not spent cleaning her bike at races leaves Rachel more time for more important things, like finding and befriending every doggo at the race venue.  Always a beacon of enthusiasm, feigned or real depending on the course, Rachel really appreciates and and all feedback as she is racing- often so much she’ll provide her own ‘constructive’ criticism of your cheers. We caught up with Rachel after Days of Thunder’s icy double header to talk to her about cyclocross, trails, and millennial snacking preferences:

Broad Street Cycles: Who are you?

Rachel Carey: Terry, you know the answer to this already. For everybody else, I’m
Rachel. [Ed: Hi Rachel!]

BSC: How many years have you raced cross?

RC: Since 2012… so 5?

BSC: Why do you race cross?

RC: Because I like fringe sports.

BSC: What is your spirit animal?

RC: My (~SUPER CUTE~) dog, Hudson.

BSC: What are you riding?

RC: A limited edition SSCXWC (SSCWXC?) Raleigh

BSC: This Simpsons or Rick and Morty?

RC: Wubba lubba dub dub.

BSC: Beer, cider, or better life choices?

RC: Beer and regrettable decisions

BSC: Tubes, latex tubes, tubular or tubeless?

RC: Tubes. I can’t be bothered to set my tubeless up.

BSC: Disc or Canti?

RC: Disc 100%. I like being able to stop

BSC: Favorite bike colour?

RC: Colour shift Burple (Blue-Purple). My Epic is this colour and I LOVE IT <3

BSC: What’s playing through your headphones on the bike?

RC: Usually nothing because my phone battery sucks.

BSC: Best place you’ve ridden your bike?

RC: Red Rocks Open Space in Colorado Springs. The trails there are tons of fun, and have great segment names on Strava.

BSC: Favorite local place to ride your bike?

RC: Partridge Hills. I like to take my dog there for exercise.

BSC: Place/trail you most want to ride your bike?

RC: Squamish. I haven’t had the chance to head up there yet. Hopefully I’ll get up there once I finish this semester.

BSC: Favorite Cross memory?

RC: All of Single Speed CX Worlds. That weekend was the best.

BSC: Coffee or Tea?

RC: Coffee

BSC: Favorite Breakfast

RC: Avocado toast with prosciutto and pepper [Ed. Like salt and pepper? Or red peppers?]

BSC: Scotch: Garbage water or Sweet, sweet nectar?

RC: You know the liquid that drips out of the bottom of the garbage bag sometimes? That’s Scotch.