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BSC "Munnday Night" Road Ride - 6:05pm THURSDAY Nights

  • These rides run every THURSDAY from March 12th – Sept 1st
  • Bring tubes, a snack, and lights for the way home. Especially early in the year– the way home may be in the dark.
  • Meet at the shop at 6:05pm, rides leave at 6:15-6:20.
  • Typical rides last about 2 hours, depending on the route that week. Routes will vary.
  • Terrain is typically very hilly. Think 600m in 45km.
  • Ride pace is fast. Rip it to the top of the climb, end of the segment and regroup. Repeat. 30km/h…ish…
  • What happened to the Monday Night ride? We’ve swapped dates. Thursday is the new Monday.
  • What’s with the confusing ride name? Munn Road is Victoria’s Ventoux: Consider us huge fans.

Upcoming Rides

CX AFTER DARK - 6:05pm some Friday (and other) Nights

  • These rides run intermittently on Friday, and somtimes other evenings during the cyclocross season (Sept-Dec)
  • Bring tubes, a snack, tall can or soda-pop and BRIGHT trail lights.
  • Meet at the shop at 6:05pm, rides leave at 6:15-6:20.
  • Typical rides last about 2-3 hours Routes will vary.
  • Bring a CX or gravel bike. Tubeless tires are a good idea.
  • Terrain is typically very technical: basically a mix of mountain biking on CX bikes, with gravel paths and hidden connectors.
  • Ride pace is fast & sendy. You’ll have more fun on these outings if you race CX in the top-half of your intermediate/ masters field, or are an expert/elite level CX’er. Plus it helps to have off-road chops: we send it down some steep stuff on skinny tires.