Winter Commuter Steel fenders Wildwood

CommuteWZRD’s steel Wildwood

Fall’s rain has arrived quite abruptly this year, with the seasons changing sometime between Cumberland’s Cross on the Rock Intermediate race and when the Master’s lined up a half hour later. Course conditions went from dust to downpour, and the rain hasn’t let up much since.

While this is great for ‘cross, it’s left some of us scrambling to keep our commute comfortable.

Winter Commuter Steel Zunow Wildwood Chorus 11-speed

Never one to let fenders get in the way of fashion, Em’s steel Wildwood road bike is a model for merging form and function. Check out the details on their winter set-up below, dig out a rain jacket, and start logging those winter miles.

Winter Commuter Steel garmin light mount

Full fenders meet finer details. Like Em’s K-Edge Garmin/light mount, which keeps your cockpit clean and won’t let your winter slip on the bars every time you hit a speed bump.

Supacaz super-sticky bar tape will keep your hands in place through the winters worst downpours. Usually seen in an array of colours, Supacaz also comes in black – to match Em’s Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed group. To match the black-on-black theme, Em’s covered the shiny Chorus cassette with a thick black layer of grime. Details.

Winter Commuter Steel Zunow Wildwood

Authentic Zunow direct from the legendary brands Japanese factory. Classic Stuckylife direct from Roger’s garage somewhere in Esquimalt. The steel frame is actually a Wildwood, which is also made in Victoria, but we appreciate Em’s attention to detail in sticker selection. External cables are another key detail. While internal routing looks clean, wearing the wires on the outside makes frequent winter cable/housing changes much easier.