Broad Street Cycles Rider Profiles: CX Edition: Marc Edwards

Cyclocross season is in full swing, so we’re going to keep rolling with the Cyclocross Edition of our Rider Profiles! We’ve talked to Aidan, Andy, Felix, Parker, and the always hilarious Matt Mahoney, and Rachel Carey.  This week we’re catching up with half of BSC’s mainland contingent:

Marc Edwards

Have you been to a cross race this fall and watched BSC kit flash by near the front of the race, only to hear supportive echo’s of ‘Go Fake Parker!’ chasing after? Don’t worry, Parker’s not having a very public existential crisis, and you haven’t fallen into some weird vortex of bicycle sports and The Matrix / Inception / Rick & Morty. It’s just Marc Edwards flying by! You may hear cheers for ‘Fake Parker,’ but make no mistake: Marc is real, and real fast. Marc started his season rounding out an all BSC podium at Topaz, behind ‘OG Parker’ and Raph. The stair workouts continued back at home in Van, where Marc has had a string of VCXC podiums, from Donkey Cross to Junkyard Dog.

Now, some of you may be wondering: ‘How do I differentiate Marc/’Fake Parker’ from ‘Real Parker’ / everyone else wearing Broad Street Cycles stretchy fabrics? Well, Marc lives in Vancouver. And there’s a couple easy ways to tell Marc is living the big city dream:

1) He’s at every VCXC, and only a few COTR‘s. You might think you see him at every COTR, but that’s just Real Parker.

2) He’s better dressed than all of us. Effortlessly. F’ing Vancouver. We can only invite Marc over to Island races when we know our best casual button down shirts are clean and ironed.

3) He owns an umbrella. F’ing Vancouver. F’ing umbrellas.

He’s also the only one brave enough to wade into the ‘Taylor’ section of the quiz, even if it’s only to dip a toe in. Past that, the similarities are uncanny. So, to help you get to know the real Marc better, we subjected him to our questions:

Broad Street Cycles: Who are you?

Marc Edwards: Marc Edwards aka Fake Parker

BSC: How many years have you raced cross?

ME: 4

BSC: Why do you race cross?

ME: I like the outfits

BSC: What is your spirit animal?

ME: Arctic Tern

BSC: What are you riding?

ME: Ridley X-Ride, tubeless, 1×10


BSC: Best type of Donut

ME: PB and J from Lucky’s

BSC: Tubes, latex tubes, tubular or tubeless?

ME: Tubeless, once you figure out what works

BSC: Favorite bike colour?

ME: Black/Black

BSC: Home Province/State?

ME: Wales

BSC: Favorite local place to ride your bike?

ME: Squamish

BSC: Place/trail you most want to ride your bike?

ME: Japan

BSC: Favorite cross race you’ve been to?

ME: Either Queens (VCXC) or Woodland Park

BSC: Favorite Cross memory?

ME: Finishing Squamish provincials, 2016

BSC: Worst Cross race/memory?

ME: My hour as a space blanket burrito following Squamish provincials, 2016

BSC: Last book you read?

ME: Doppler

BSC: Taylor or Katy?

ME: Like Phinney vs. Compton? Wait… Next question please.