Bike Check: Aidan’s custom fade Cinelli

As far as sharp track builds go, Aidan definitely has ‘the knack.’ They’ve made their way onto these pages a number of times, whether it’s advice on customer builds or his own personal bikes, like his LOOK 564. But among his constantly changing fleet of on point bikes, Aidan’s custom painted Cinelli MASH Parallax definitely stands out. Cinelli’s never a bad starting point, but Aidan’s used it as a jumping point for this flat bar track build, stripping it down to the metal and repainting that pastel purple/pink fade himself in one of the darker corners of Broad Street Cycles weirdly large basement.

While there’s some carryover from the LOOK build, like those H Plus Son rims on Paul hubs, Toshi toe straps and Easton Haven carbon bars, Aidan’s custom spray Cinelli’s picked up a couple new bits along the way. Sugino cranks, and chainring, the pterodactyl, a Thomson Elite post, perfectly matched Supacaz pink/purple grips and … a tennis ball? Plus an assortment of custom stickers Aidan had made for the frame, including the asymmetric sparkle Cinelli frame stickers.

Cinelli MASH Parallax

Aidan’s hit all the right notes with this build, so take a second to scroll through details on his Cinelli MASH Parallax: