Broad Street Cycles Fixed Crit Rider Profiles: Ranger Clay

After several years absence, we’re reviving fixed gear criterium racing in Victoria! Last seen revolving around Phillips Brewery in the 2012 Design District Crit, this year we’re crashing the party at Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series Sunday finale: Cycling BC Provincial Crit Championships on the Legislature Crit course. Before the big event, we’re profiling some riders and bikes that’ll be on course Sunday. First up: Clay.

“Ranger” Clay Webb

Known for planning patently absurd ideas … then actually following through on them, his characteristic low cadence riding style, and a general willingness to ride anything on any bike, Clay’s riding resume is long and diverse. Included in there are numerous Alley Cats, organizing and racing, as well as more distance based feats, such as his Ring Road Festive 500, Everesting the Observatory with Fabian, the Fleet Main Fondo, and, again, a 2 day Festive 500 out and back mission to Cumberland… in December. Clay stopped by the shop yesterday, and kindly submitted to a rigorous pre-race interview:

BSC: What gear ratio will you be running Sunday?

Ranger Clay Web: 48 x 15. Maybe bigger if I get motivated to change my chain length

BSC: Race strategy: break or sprint?

RCW: Survive

BSC: How many years have you been racing?

RCW: Since Jeff Mitchell had a birthday cat in (2007ish?) And everyone cheated

BSC: Pre-race tunes?

RCW: 90’s Hip-hop

BSC: Jean shorts or spandex?

RCW: Spandex

BSC: Warm up strategy?

RCW: Eat a burrito and heckle other racers.

Clay’s riding an custom steel track bike, one of Wildwood Cycles early frames. Wildwood’s are hand built by Victoria’s very own Jesse Hildebrandt. Seeing daily use, often in less than perfect conditions, the raw finish on Clay’s ride is working hard to redefine the term ‘patina.’ Various Thomson bits, H Plus Son wheels, and a delicious looking stem cap round out Clay’s track build.