Broad Street Cycles Fixed Crit Rider Profiles: Aidan

After several years absence, we’re reviving fixed gear criterium racing in Victoria! Last seen revolving around Phillips Brewery in the 2012 Design District Crit, this year we’re crashing the party at Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series Sunday finale: Cycling BC Provincial Crit Championships on the Legislature Crit course. Before the big event, we’re profiling some riders and bikes that’ll be on course Sunday. Yesterday, we talked to Clay. Today, we’re talking to BSC’s own Aidan Sullivan.

‘Young’ Aidan Sullivan

Aidan may be young, but he’s wise beyond his years. Especially when it comes to snacks. He’s also been around Broad Street Cycles for a while now, racing his first alleycat way back in 2011. Since then, Aidan’s honed his knack for assembling sharp track bike builds, and stepped up his efforts to then do anything he can to destroy them. He can find the best lunch snacks in the city, and is a seasoned connoisseur of obscure sugary drinks. Since he was at work, he had no choice but to answer our questions:

BSC: What gear ratio will you be running Sunday?

Aidan Sullivan: If I remember to change my gear before the race then 49×15?

BSC: Race strategy: break or sprint?

AS: Don’t get eliminated

BSC: How many years have you been racing?

AS: 7? Raced my first alleycat in 2011

BSC: Pre-race tunes?

AS: Playlist of Migos, Nas, and John Coltrane

BSC: Jean shorts or spandex?

AS: Jean shorts over top of spandex

BSC: Warm up strategy?

AS: Sleep as long as I can followed by too much food and powerade

This week, Aidan’s riding his recently assembled Cinelli MASH Parallax. Highlights include Sugino cranks, Dura-Ace track ring, Izumi Jet Black chain, pink anodized Paul hubs laced to H Plus Son rims – a carry over from his prior LOOK 564 build – and what looks to be a rubber pterodactyl. It could also be the first recorded instance of that bar tape actually matching a frame and looking good.

Paul Hubs: Made in America. Pterodactyl: Last seen in the Early Tithonian period // Below: Sugino / Dura-Ace / Izumi