Broad Street Cycles CLASSICS Kit

Broad Street Cycles CLASSICS Kit

Images: Nicholas Kupiak (IG: @ridegradient)



Vancouver Island is on the cusp of change. Dusk lingers a little longer, and the sun’s heat is now enough to warm small scraps of bare skin.

Slowly winter is fading, with the promise of longer days and warmer rides on the horizon.

In collaboration with Victoria-based Caste Projects, Broad Street has developed a new run of custom cycling apparel– the BSC CLASSICS kit– paying homage to this transition from deepest winter to those tempting traces of summer rides.

Winter has left its mark this year. Our drivetrains crunch and grind, and our riding hard-shells have never seen so much abuse. Despite snow drifts & ice sheets, the knowledge remains that riding home with cold hands and frozen feet continues to bring more satisfaction than an hour on rollers. But we’re ready. For less layers, and warmer temps. For salt crystals to colonize our kit, for beating sun to dry tarmac and send us seeking shade & cold cokes at divey gas stations. For that classic riding season to commence.





Pearl Izumi once again provides their excellent tech, construction & phenomenal fit to our custom cycling kit. With the CLASSICS kit, we have created a range of apparel that expands on our already solid offerings, to include some shoulder-season apparel to keep you cozy in the approach to summer.

Wind jackets, and thermal jerseys join Pearl’s Elite Pursuit short sleeve jerseys & bib shorts, now available in both women’s & men’s cuts.

A long-sleeve, race-weight jersey is another standout piece in the line. Allowing you to nail the layering on crisp days when the efforts are sure to be hard.

The short sleeve jersey remains the marquee piece in our collection. Subtly branded in badass black, we’ve integrated some colours paying homage to the greats of cycling culture.



The BSC wind vest makes its return with the CLASSICS kit, reiterating a favourite piece from past collections. Made from a wind-cutting fabric that provides light weather resistance in a supremely packable package, these vests have proven to be one of the most versatile bits of kit for Van Island riding.

The Peal Izumi/ BSC bib shorts are some of the best on the block. A  highly panelled fit, and compressive fabric keeps the chammy in place while you pedal, providing hours of comfort for those longest summer rides.



Caps caps caps. The ideal distillation of all that is good about our niche sports’ style. This latest batch of BSC CLASSICS kit caps keeps it classy with a subtle black base & a few hits of colour. Made from a highly breathable nylon, these vent a bit better than the classic cotton cap, and don’t retain as much moisture under hard efforts or in a downpour.

So here’s to both impeding warm seasons, and the cold months of hard riding from which summer strength is born. We’ve paid our dues, and are ready for mid-ride lake swims, for road trips with bikes in the back, for epic climbs and big days with nothing packed but the barest backup jacket. bring it, spring–we’re ready for summer.