Rob Britton’s Rally Felt FR FRD Disc

Rob Britton’s back on the same team for 2019, but with a new team name and new ride.

It’s the same Orange Train he helped propel to Pro Continental status with results like his win at Tour of Utah and tireless work for his teammates at other races, but United Health Care joins the party this year to make it Rally UHC.

Bigger news may be the new bikes. Felt has signed on to the team going forward, which is where Rob’s sweet FR FRD Disc comes in.

No, that’s not a stutter. FRD is Felt’s designation for its top end carbon layup. It’s like the HC of carbon design. Rally UHC has covered the FRD weave on its FR Disc’s with the team colours, but usually Felt’s so darn jazzed on its own handiwork it only adds a clearcoat to FRD frames.

Rob Britton Rally UHC Felt FR Disc

In a wild move, the UCI has decided that disc brakes might not be the end of the world, or even made of knives. That means when Rally UHC takes on big Euro races, like April’s Fleche Wallonne, it could be on this wireless, cable-less space machine that causes our Swiss cycling overlords to shiver in their probably very plain boots.

Before the glamour of the big races, there’s long winter rides with fenders, washing your own bike and carrying your own snacks in a Farsik bar bag.

Rally UHC Felt AR Disc

Even with a full bar bag, you will eventually run out of snacks. Or you’ll want to stop for the warmth of a quick caffeine boost. Rather than standing at the counter nervously glancing out the window as you slam an espresso, in the true Italian style, Rob carry’s an Ottolock lock. It’s definitely not enough to leave your bike unattended for any length of time. but it’s perfect for a more relaxed café experience, or taking your time in 7-11 to find the best pepperoni and 5c candy combo when you really bonk far from home. Seeing as Rob’s got a thing for riding very far from home, his own and pretty much anyone else’s, this little locks probably saved his ride a couple times.

Rob’s Ottolock is even orange, to match the rest the Rally UHC team bike, which you can see all the details of below: