Cinelli at Broad Street Cycles


Cinelli at Broad Street Cycles

While they have a relatively large presence in the world of track bikes, Cinelli remains a comparably small company. Instead of expanding to cover every kind of riding, they’ve kept their line-up of bikes small and narrowly focused on what they’ve always done, and what they know best. You won’t be seeing a Cinelli 27.5+ enduro-fat bike anytime soon. Instead of expanding their line, they’re constantly working on refining what they do offer. This is how you get a company that produces several different track frames – from classic track throwbacks to cutting edge street racing machines – through slow refinement and incremental changes. They’re one of the only companies to adapt their different track frames to the specific demands of track racing vs. fixed street racing. Oh, and style. Always with style.

On top of design and Italian flare, with Cinelli you also get a strong focus on quality materials. They’re owned by the same parent company as Columbus tubing, so you always get the legendary quality of Columbus tubing.

At BSC we have several new models in store waiting for your dream build:

Parallax MASH – Optical grey

Frame – 1195$

para cs detail 1

Designed in collaboration MASH-SF team riders, this is Cinelli’s full-on, no compromise race frame. Whether on the track, or a street crit like Red Hook, this bike is made to do one thing: sprint. Cinelli’s got the numbers dialed, with increased trail, a raised BB, and steepened headtube angles to reflect this singular purpose. Columbus Airplane 7005-T6 over-sized tubing, steel insert track dropouts and, naturally, no brake mounts to be found, this bike is about speed, and only speed.

para fork detail      para ss fast detail

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own over the top build stop by the shop to check out a full Parallax build of the Optical Standard colourway.

image      image(2)

MASH Histogram – Black

Frame – $1195

histo dt

Featuring MASH SF rider Garrett Chow’s ‘histogram’ design, the MASH Histogram is Cinelli’s street friendly race frame. With the highest BB of any Cinelli frame on offer, the Histogram gives you better pedal clearance as you’re cutting around town, between checkpoints of the next Stuckylife alleycat, or on your next ill-advised track bikes off road adventure. Cinelli’s given the Histogram an extra strong tapered headtube, and the option to run a front brake, to deal with this extra abuse.


triangle      histo no brakes

Vigorelli – ltd. Ed. Colourway – Italo ltd.

Frame – 995$

vigo - cs detail

Cinelli has built the Vigorelli with classic track-specific geometry. That means there’s a longer wheelbase and lowered BB for a more stable feeling ride. Take it to the velodrome to race, or on long fixed road rides. This is as comfortable geo as you’re going to get in a fixed specific frame.

The Vigorelli we have in stock is the limited Italo Edition colorway: gloss black, yellow stays, and Italo ’79 stripes.

vigo fork detail      vigo - bb detail

frame side profile 2



Frame – 1195$

cx st n collar detail

For Cinelli’s foray into cyclocross, they’ve stuck close to their track roots with this singlespeed specific frame. The Columbus Zonal aluminum frame features replaceable steel track dropouts keep a clean track look. Shorter than traditional cyclocross chainstays, tight rear geo makes this frame perfect for Vancouver Islands more technical cross courses, or for hitting trails when you’re not racing. Shorter stay’s also mean you can throw a road slick on and pull the wheelbase in when you want to trade mud and sand for more paved rides. Cinelli sticks with tradition, running canti brakes like all your favorite Belgian pros. They do throw in a carbon/alu fork to keep weight in check.

Stuckylife stalwart Clay has been thrashing his version of this bike through two years of COTR, and on various off-road adventures so we know it can take whatever abuse you want to throw at it. With Victoria winning hosting rights for Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships ’15 this fall, we can’t figure out why this frame is still on the wall. Build up this frame and be ready for the best weekend of cyclocross Victoria’s ever seen.

cx frame

Bootleg Hobo – Railway/Sand

Full Build – 2195$

bootleg tt

The Bootleg Hobo has been designed for the rigors of the Tour D’Afriquie, and it’s unique build reflects that purpose, but keeps the expected Cinelli flair. With a steel frame made in Italy, this is a touring bike like none other. Triple chain ring, mountain bike cassette, canti brakes, bar-end shifters and plenty of clearance for 700x38c rubber, this desert-proven bike will take you anywhere you could want to go.

bootleg frame      bootleg barends


For more on the design and evolution of the Bootleg, as well as reportage on the journeys people have taken this bike on, check out

Cinelli Gazzetta & Gazzetta della Strada

Frame and complete builds available

gazzeta tt

Simple, versatile and tough. Build up Cinelli’s Gazzetta frames as understated or extravagantly as you like, this bike is whatever you want it to be. We’ve seen both extremes come through the shop and leave looking great. Classic track construction and geometry, the steel framed Gazzetta is what a track frame is supposed to be, but with an impressive attention to detail that belies Cinelli’s decades of experience on Europe’s velodromes.

gazzetta red ful      gazzetta chs

The road version, Gazzetta della Strada, has a number of small features to make it suited to riding in the urban environment. Slightly sloped frame, a compact front rack, and steel eyelets for a rear rack. This bike is ready for duty, whether that’s carrying your cargo around town or long road rides in even the most inclement weather.




Don’t want to go for a full Cinelli build? Or perhaps looking for the perfect upgrade to complete you track machine? BSC also carries a range of Cinelli soft goods and small parts. Cinelli’s sense of style and attention detail absolutely extends all the way down to their caps and bar tape.

hat detail     socks

Check out the crazy flouro accents on their Red Hook Crit edition bar tape, and the Cinelli-MASH Transit collab caps. For the truly unique look, they’ve also done a special edition bar tape with the beautifully eccentric minds behind Manual For Speed – online order only (and probably sold out by now anyway)