Bike Check: Seeing Double – Shawn and Jyoti’s Tipo Corsas

What if you could have the looks of a classic steel road bike bundled into a modern package? Enter the Tipo Corsa from Bianchi, wrapped in the defining colour of the brand, Celeste, with hints of cream, this beautifully lugged steel frame gives you the option of mounting high-end components to a bike with classic looks.

Shawn and Jyoti each added their own personal touch through their choice of components. Jyoti opted for 11 speed Campagnolo Potenza, known for it’s high performance and modern design, where Shawn chose the more classical look of Campagnolo Athena, giving the bike a more retro feel.

The Phil Wood hubs in pink on Jyoti’s bike really are a head turner and pop exceptionally well when paired with custom pink bolts for the bottle cage and fender mounts. The hubs are paired with some stylish silver rims and a must have for any vintage inspired build; gum wall Vittoria Corsa tires that perfectly match the hints of cream on the frame. Shawn continued the retro look with a set of subtle White Industries hubs in silver.

Shawn chose a more subtle way to add a hint of colour with a custom Leh saddle wrapped in perforated brown leather showing the matching Celeste blue underneath. Leh bar tape in the same brown leather up front finishes the look off nicely. Both bikes feature bars, stem and seat posts from the Japanese brand Sim Works who worked in collaboration with Nitto to produce some beautifully crafted pieces, perfectly suited to bikes like these.

Be sure to swing by the shop to check these out in person and let us know if you have your own idea for a custom build!