Bike Check: Caleb’s SSCXWC Edition Raleigh

Bike Check: Caleb’s Ltd. Edition SSCXWC Raleigh

After much lead-up and hype around town for SSCXWC15Vic, it’s now only a few short days until the big event. There’s been a flurry of activity since the arrival of the limited edition Raleigh SSCXWC frames last week, with Andy and Matt sending out a bunch of different builds on time for the last COTR at Shawnigan Lake on Sunday. Raleigh made only 50 of these frames, designed specially for SSCXWC15Vic. Raleigh are longtime supporters of cyclocross in North America, including SSCX stalwarts Hodala, and the Raleigh-Clement cyclocross team.

Caleb (IG @caste_projects) has been helping out with some of the design work for SSCXWC, so thank him when you see the awesome ltd edition Hoyne SSCXWC brew available this weekend. Caleb’s kept things straight forward and clean looking with his Raleigh build, which in this case means all black. Shimano 105 hydro’s and drivetrain match the black frame perfectly, and work well too. Stans ARCH wheels are a go-to rim for cyclocross, and fit the black-on-black theme nicely. After that, it’s black bar tape, black seat, stem …. well, you get the idea.


COTR Ronde Van Hogwarts was Caleb’s 1st time racing SS. Crushing the steep section!


Only 50 of these frames were made


The theme is pretty clear – they come in any colour as long as it’s black


Custom graphics are peppered all over the bike, including the SSCXWC15Vic on the head tube


A little acknowledgement that Victoria is hosting the first SSCXWC outside America


The seat stay allows access for a chain, or for a belt drive


Held in by a bolt, the little wedge on the seat stay leaves enough room to slide in a belt drive


Solid Shimano 105 drivetrain – pared down to singlespeed. Reliable and, conveniently, black


Black on black Raleigh labeling to stick with the SSCXWC theme


Cascadia version of the World Championships rainbow stripes


The Raleighs feature asymetric chainstays on the non-drive side, with extra room build around hydro discs


More of the Cascadia rainbow inside the chainstays (Gold chain is off Andy’s personal build)


Even the Hodala Lion found it’s way onto the frame


The Raleigh’s are hiding all sorts of details, like gloss SSCXWC lettering inside the fork legs


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