Broad Street Cycles VCL Omnium – June 18-21

Broad Street Cycles Omnium

JUNE 20th 11pm: LOOKING FOR RESULTS? Scroll alllllll the way down….

Broad Street Cycles VCL Omnium! Or should we say … KOMnium?

We’ve had some weird weather lately, with words like ‘rain’ and ‘Juneuary’ being thrown around, so it’s time to heat things up with MORE RACING!

So, in conjunction with Victoria Cycling League (VCL), we’re hosting an Omnium event! This Sunday through Wednesday, June 18-21.
Some of you may have noticed this event on VCL’s website. We’ve had to adapt a little, with Observatory HC’s cancellation, but with ALL THESE PRIZES TO GIVE AWAY the race must go on!! This will be a three event Omnium, comprised of:

1) Mt. Doug STRAVA Challenge – June 18/19
2) Sidney TT – June 21 – Sidney Velo
3) Caleb Pike Road Race – June 22 – Dr. Walker Cycling

Sunday & Monday 18/19 of June STRAVA CHALLENGE
– Racers competing in the BSC omnium can attempt the “Mount Douglas Park” segment on Strava on either Sunday the 18 or Monday the 19.
– Racers can attempt as many times as they would like. Their fastest time contributes to their omnium ranking for the event.
– Racers wanting to compete in the omnium will e-mail parker.bloom(at) with a link to their strava file listing their hill climb time before Monday night at midnight.
– New to Strava? No worries – we have some helpful tips down at the bottom of the page!
Tuesday 20th of June  SIDNEY TT (Sidney Velo)
Wednesday 21st of June CALEB PIKE ROAD RACE (Dr. Walker Cycling)
Points are scored as follows, for each event.
1st = 20 points
2nd = 16 points
3rd = 13 points
4th = 11 points
5th = 10 points
6th= 9 points
7th= 8 points
8th= 7 points
9th= 6 points
10th-20 = 2 points
* any overall placing ties are broken by the higher placing in the TT event. 

Categories! Points! Prizing!

The omnium will award prizing to first place finishers in the following categories:
A men
A women
B men
B women
C men
C women
Full ranking in each category will be calculated, but you have to finish first overall to get the goods! Prizing will likely be given out at a podium ceremony at Caleb Pike after the A race finishes, and we have time to do some quick math.
*Omnium ranking will be separate from normal VCL ranking. So, say you’re competing in the Omnium and looking at VCL points and you race Caleb Pike. The wonderful volunteers from Dr. Walker Cycling will compile all VCL results, as usual. We then use those to calculate points for the Omnium classification.

STRAVA Challenge: Tips and Stuff

Yes, we know the idea of a Strava challenge is new, and unfamiliar. Especially if you’re not yet on Strava. But we think this can work! Here’s a couple steps to help you along with the Strava Challenge:

1) Not on Strava? Sign up! All you need is a smart phone or gps device (Garmin, ect) and an e-mail address. Follow the straightforward instructions at to create your account, and you’re on your way! If you’re using your phone, make sure to download the Strava App. If you’re using a tracking device like Garmin, make sure it’s connected to your Strava account. And, if you’re not into the Strava thing after this, it’s really easy to delete your account again after all this is done, just wait until Thursday to do that so we have your results.

2) Find the “Mount Douglas Park” segment, and familiarize yourself with where it starts and finishes. Since segments are made by people, and people are all unique and beautiful snowflakes, this might not be exactly where you would have put the start and finish line. There are two (minimum) segments on the road up Mt. Doug, so make sure you’re looking at the right one. Which is the one we’ve linked to above. Tip: it starts after the parking lot at the bottom.

3) Computers aren’t perfect. Even magical little robots get confused sometime. Make sure you leave yourself time to either check your segment time, or to redo your effort before the midnight Monday deadline, just in case something goes wrong. Unlike school, dogs never eat Strava files, so you’ll have to come up with a better excuse than that.

FINAL STANDINGS as of WED 22st of June, 10:32pm

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