Bike Check: Bianchi Tipo Corsa


Bike Check: Autumn’s Bianchi Tipo Corsa

The Tipo Corsa is Bianchi’s updated take on the classic steel road bike. Having made bikes since 1885, they know their stuff, so who better to take on the task of bringing a classic back to life in the 21st Century? The Tipo Corsa’s lugged steel frame comes in a very sharp mix of beige and Bianchi’s marquee celeste paint, right down to the finer details like the red lining around the head tube lugs. There’s definitely no tapered head tube or oversized pressfit BB to be found, but there are a couple nice touches – like the option for downtube shifting if you really want to get into the retro look.


The Tipo Corsa ships as a frame, which leaves a blank canvas to build up the bike however you wish. Autumn from¬†Cold Comfort Ice Cream has built hers up with a killer selection of retro style and modern function. Shimano Tiagra bits keep the Tipo Corsa’s drive train running like a modern race bike. Around that there’s an array of polished silver and white parts, as well as celeste Fi’zi:k bar tape. A white saddle from Fixation, and white Soma double leather toe straps pair up with polished Cinelli toe clips, a Cinelli / MASH stem, and a Thompson Elite seat post. The last touch, really tying to build together, are Panaracer gumwall tires. Take a look through for yourself, but we love how this build turned out!


Bianchi gets right into the classic look, right down to painting the lugwork lining


The Tipo Corsa sports a number of unique frame features, like the brake cable clips


Eduardo Bianchi’s head badge, since 1885


Optional downtube shifters lend a classic look, even with the upgrade to more modern shifting


A white Fyxation saddle, to match the Soma toe clips


Thompson’s Elite seatpost is never the wrong choice, but looks especially good here with the cable clips


Autumn nailed the details on this build: white and polished accents go with celeste perfectly


Celeste bar tape from fi’zi:k is the natural choice to match Bianchi’s marquee colour


Cinelli performance, MASH aesthetic, and a carbon stem cap just because


A full Tiagra drivetrain from Shimano keeps the Tipo Corsa running like a modern bike


Polished toe clips from Cinelli keep the colour theme going


And they’re matched perfectly with white leather double toe straps from Soma


Uuuuggghhhhh, those Soma toe clips look good. Especially with the polished Cinelli toe clips


Gumwall Panaracer Pasela PT match perfectly with the classic theme of Bianchi’s Tipo Corsa


Bianchi’s name and crest is displayed a couple places on the Tipo Corsa, or with the Italian colours below


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